Prism Visual Software’s Inventory Management Software System [20 Advantages of Using]

Prism’s small business inventory management software System

Managing warehouses and inventory should be taken very seriously as not properly tracking goods can lead to delayed and lost orders and, as a result, to lose customers. If you want to take inventory management to the next level, we can help you because our small business inventory management software system is what you need.

Small business inventory management software system provides up to date information about:

  • what inventory is available in stock, 
  • inventory levels and location in warehouses, 
  • which goods are in route, 
  • which products are selling faster and are top-sellers.

20 Advantages of using Prism Visual Software’s inventory management computerized system:

1. Organizing vendor information: business name, contact information, representative name, billing information, and others.

2. Organizing product information: product name, description, vendor, wholesale price, retail price, shipping information, stock-keeping unit (SKU), universal product code (UPC), and others. 

3. Tracking sales: top-sellers products, customers buying the most, purchase size, months when people buy less, customer lifetime value, and others. 

4. Handling, processing, and fulfilling customer orders. 

5. Tracking customer and work orders status: creating a sales order, checking inventory availability, packing the order, figuring the shipment cost, charging the payment (order total, shipping, and handling), delivery confirmation, and other.

6. Reducing lost, delayed, and incorrectly configured orders. 

7. Decreasing misplaced, damaged, spoiled, stolen, and thrown away items.

8. Creating and submitting accurate purchase orders. 

9. Scheduling a specific day and time to submit purchase orders. 

10. Reducing errors or ability to forget of submitting the purchase orders.

11. Receiving needed inventory from suppliers with accuracy and speed. 

12. Accurately tagging products with the barcodes to properly labeled inventory.

13. Keeping the consistent units of measurement.

14. Eliminating paperwork and manual managing inventory.

15. Recording of sales and available inventory levels. 

16. Making the audits process much easier. 

17. Making better business decisions and investments. 

18. Saving a lot of time and money. 

19. Easily integrating with accounting and other software systems.

20. Preventing major problems.

small business inventory management computerized system