Prism VS' Route Solutions

 reduce the traveled miles with route software

Do you want to reduce the traveled miles and translate each traveled mile directly to profitability? Prism VS route software can help to achieve your goal.

  • Automate scheduling

Daily scheduling is one of the most time-consuming aspects of any business performing deliveries, field service, or route sales. ServQuest™ is an easy-to-use and, at the same time, comprehensive software that enables producing an efficient schedule minimizing driver downtime and dead mileage.

  • Route optimization

Prism Mapping Suite is a complex and powerful software package that enables optimizing routes, reducing fuel and labor costs, ensuring more stops at customer locations with fewer resources and less over-time.

  • Real-time dispatching

The day-to-day business operations of the company performing route sales, deliveries, or field service can be stressful as consist of close contact with clients. Customers can have special needs, require constant schedule changes, order cancelations, or add-ons. Moreover, unforeseen traffic and vehicle issues sometimes demand aids in solving chaotic situations. Prism Dispatch™ is visual dispatching software that provides fleet visibility and communication via dispatch screen and the field workers mobile application.

  • Field workers mobile application

  • Using mobile devices with the build-out of the cellular data network revolutionizes all businesses that have a field work-force. MiniMate™ is an easy-to-use and understand mobile application with powerful functionality; therefore, it is recognized and loved by warehouse workers, delivery drivers, route sales representatives, service technicians, and other field staff.

MiniMate™ provides:
  • real-time declaration: any change to schedules such as add-on, cancellation, drop-off event, or change to the pickup is available in real-time for both mobile worker and dispatcher; 
  • turn-by-turn routing direction displays on the map in real-time the current vehicle location and its plotting to the destination; 
  • real-time tracking enables transferring to the dispatcher the vehicle coordinates and heading information in real-time; 
  • timekeeping provides features that enable eliminating the need to fix a clock at an office or customer location; the system confirms shift hours for every mobile worker at the end of the workday; 
  • two-way messaging allows field employees to send messages to a dispatcher and the dispatcher can send messages to mobile workers.