Route Planner with Multi-Stops from Prism Visual Software, Inc.

Prism Visual Software’s route planner software

Prism VS’s route planner with multiple stops is the right solution for you if you want:

  • to simplify your route planning;
  • to optimize your mobile workforce; 
  • to save your time and money; 
  • to reduce your business costs;
  • to increase the number of served clients; 
  • to improve customer service; 
  • to raise your customers' satisfaction; 
  • to increase your drivers' safety;
  • to grow your company;
  • to enhance your revenue.

You will achieve the listed results through:

  • creating the most efficient delivery routes; 
  • planning smart multi-stop sequences;
  • meeting the tighter waiting time windows; 
  • controlling load capacity; 
  • controlling levels of your inventory located in multiple warehouses; 
  • efficient scheduling the service times; 
  • balancing workloads with the skill-based assignments; 
  • smart dispatching your drivers; 
  • informing your workers with standard operating procedures; 
  • tracking mobile employees’ work time; 
  • handling the drivers’ stop times;
  • serving more customers.
Prism VS’s multiple stops route planner

We offer companies performing delivery pre-ordered goods and services the multi-stop route planner that helps to plan, route, track, report, and analyze their fleets’ activity.

Prism VS's route planning software system includes:

Prism Visual Software’s route planner with multi-stops
  • The Prism Dispatch™ software package developed for desktops and laptops to use in the office: 
    • the route planner with multiple stops that enables optimizing deliveries pre-ordered products and services; 
    • the dispatch board that provides efficient dispatching solutions.
  • The MiniMate™ mobile app developed for mobile handheld devices running on the Android operating system to use in the field:
    • tracking the vehicle location and mobile employees’ time;
    • real-time data for mobile employees; 
    • servicing anybody anywhere with or without the data connection; 
    • barcoding for automatic identification and data capture; 
    • collecting signatures and payments at customer locations.