Prism VS’s Route Planner Helps Sales Representatives

Route planner application helps to save time and money.

The main keys to the success in route sales and deliveries pre-ordered goods and services are maximizing the served customers and minimizing costs to achieve this. Especially for route sales representatives spending their time on the road have a huge impact on their sales performance. Our company specializes in designing the computerized desktop and mobile solutions for field service companies and has specially developed the route planner app for route sales representatives.

Our route planner software app is a great solution that allows companies regardless of their size (even professional individuals):

  • to save time, 
  • to better run the territory; 
  • to see more customers; 
  • to decrease costs; 
  • to make more sales.

Naturally, you can have a question, “How can the route sales representatives achieve such positive results?” The answer is easy.

Offered by us the route planner software application helps to plan, schedule, optimize, and control the multiple destination routes.

The main advantages route sales representatives get by using our software route planner:

  • easy in setting up and use; 
  • do not require special computer or software knowledge; 
  • allows planning route sales representatives work day; 
  • gives the ability to add changes in the real-time to the daily schedule; 
  • enables picking the best-optimized route; 
  • allows avoiding unnecessary miles; 
  • help to save time and get more work done; 
  • enables reducing business expenses, including fuel cost, labor cost, and vehicles maintaining; 
  • allows increasing the route sales representatives safety and reducing the route accidents; 
  • allows increasing the number of served customers; 
  • helps to increase the companies effectiveness; 
  • helps to increase the customer's satisfaction in received service; 
route planner software
  • complete training during the implementation period and support on an hourly, annually or project-based fee; 
  • can be customized to meet the specific needs and requirements; 
  • easily integrates with the accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship (CRM), and other software systems.