Prism Visual Software’s Route Management Solution Integrates with QuickBooks Software

Use Prism route management solution with QuickBooks software system.

Does your company perform route sales or deliver products or services?

Are you looking for a route management solution that integrates with QuickBooks accounting software?

Look no further, Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers you routing and sales distribution software that is just what you are looking for.

We have been developing desktop and mobile routing and sales distribution software with the purpose to provide the operational infrastructure that can help to enhance any routing and distribution business.

Built by our professional team software solutions provide a lot of features that allow making route sale, pre-order sales, delivery, and equipment service effective and reliable.

The integration with QuickBooks accounting software is only one big plus from the list of benefits of the Prism’s route management and sales distribution software solutions:

  • MiniMate™ mobile application assists route sales representatives, delivery drivers, and service technicians:
    • getting real-time information: delivery locations, sale instructions, contact information, account balances, invoices, products availability, orders history; 
    • uploading invoices and certificates of destruction; 
    • inventory control by the barcode number; 
    • mapping integration and GPS; 
    • collecting payments: cash, checks and credit cards; o proofing of delivery via capturing signature; o automatic calculation of promotions, discounts, and taxes; 
    •  tracking the out-office staff: location, the work time;
  • ServQuest™ desktop software package: 
    • warehouse management and inventory control; 
    • inbound and outbound call center; 
    • scheduling customer servicing; 
    • tracking the service history; 
    • dispatching and delivery planning; 
    • connecting to customers via web-center; 
    • route management and route map optimization; 
    • inspection and merchandising survey; 
    • job and work order management; 
    • pricing and gross profit management; 
    • tracking the replenishment and KPI reporting.

Prism Visual Software's route management solutions

Our software developers design routing and distribution solutions with all the necessary specificity as knowing these industries inside out. We always listen to our clients because we want to know their business problems and wishes for software solutions. Main our goal is to create computer programs that will help to run our customers’ businesses efficiently, reliably and smoothly. Therefore, our products are recognized and used in more than thirty different industries.