Prism’s Route Accounting Software Solution for Small Business [4 Main Components]

Prism's route accounting software small business includes desktop and mobile applications.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. is a provider of software solutions for organizations specialized in route sales, pre-order deliveries, equipment, and other field services. Our route accounting software system consists of desktop and mobile applications.

The components of Prism's route accounting solution:

  • ServQuest™ – route management software; 
  • Prism Dispatch™ – dispatching and route optimization software; 
  • MiniMate™ – mobile application software for mobile handheld devices; 
  • Order Connector – ERP software system - a special tool that enables integration ServQuest™, Prism Dispatch™, and MiniMate™ with the most popular accounting and other software systems.

11 main benefits of using Prism’s route accounting software small businesses:

  1. easy to install and use; 
  2. cost affordable; 
  3. allows automating the business operations; 
  4. reduces paperwork and data entry errors; 
  5. enables optimization of the delivery routes with multiple stops;
  6. allows tracking assets, work orders' status, mobile employees location and time, and others; 
  7. enables inventory management and control; 
  8. helps to save time and money; 
  9. helps to increase sales of products and services; 
  10. easily customization; 
  11. integration with accounting and other software systems. 

8 Major features provided by Prism's route accounting software small business solution:

  1. inventory management to support the multiple warehouses; 
  2. customer relationship management (CRM) for managing customers’ data; 
  3. call center to have the ability to receive inbound and make outbound calls; 
  4. scheduling to schedule customer service; 
  5. dispatching to dispatch delivery drivers and service technicians; 
  6. route optimization to make more stops at customer locations; 
  7. the mobile application for field employees; 
  8. reporting to collect data for analysis and forecasting.

Prism's route accounting software

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