Prism VS’s Preventative Maintenance Solution

 Prism VS's software solution developed for preventative maintenance helps to achieve better results.

Preventative maintenance performed regularly on the equipment to lessen the probability of it failing requires planning maintenance on the time or usage-based and is performed while equipment is working to prevent its unexpected destruction. It means that companies performing preventative maintenance need to plan, organize, schedule, and fulfill their service timely.

Thus, preventative maintenance is complex to coordinate because the schedule of maintenance must be planned. Manually planning the activity of organizations performing equipment maintenance cannot be effective as it is impossible to take into consideration and juxtapose all aspects. Our company for many years has been developing equipment maintenance software that helps organizations to plan, organize, schedule, and fulfill their business activity.

Providing qualified preventative maintenance requires companies to take into account many aspects, and first of all:

  • availability required equipment and parts; 
  • human resources; 
  • the sequence of the necessary operations; 
  • efficient scheduling based on time or usage, and others.

Some capabilities provided by Prism VS's maintenance software:

  • Advanced scheduling allows saving employees' work time, organization's resources, and money through the right distribution of work orders between employees by taking into account their qualifications, experience, the ability to solve tasks, and availability.
  • Optimized dispatching allows dispatchers to take into consideration all networks: the office, scheduled preventative maintenance service, vehicles, and service technicians with the help of integrated tracking, analytics, and communications solutions. 
  • Customer relationship management allows improving business relationships with customers by efficiently collecting, managing, and analyzing the customers' data, including their interactions with the company via phone calls, e-mails, orders, and others. 
  • Route optimization allows completing more stops and servicing more customers with fewer vehicles and fuel resources and labor costs. 
  • Workforce optimization allows increasing employees' productivity via the distribution of the proper tasks to the proper people. 
  • Inventory management allows performing effective inventory management and control enabling reducing costs needed on the items' storage, insurance, and liquidation. 
  • Mobility allows preventative maintenance technicians to provide service by being fully equipped with all necessary instructions and information about customers and work orders via the MiniMate™ mobile application developed for handheld mobile devices. 
  • Integration with the company's accounting software system allows reducing data entry, manual paperwork, and human errors by automatically synchronizing data captured from different channels.
 maintenance software for qualified equipment service