Prism Offers the Best Field Service Software Solution 

Prism offers the best field service software solution.

Today, our field service software solution includes two components:

Our ServQuest™ and Prism Dispatch™ software packages enable:

  • the effective functioning of the call center; 
  • warehouse and stock management; •
  • inventory levels control; 
  • barcode inventory management; 
  • customer relationship management (CRM); 
  • efficient scheduling and dispatching; 
  • task management; 
  • optimization the route with multiple stops; 
  • collect data sent from the field and export data; 
  •  integration with accounting and other software systems, and more.

Our MiniMate™ mobile application enables:

  • connection to the office anytime from anywhere; 
  • eliminating the paperwork; 
  • reducing phone calls to the office; 
  • receiving work orders and instructions; 
  • automatically updating changes in a work ticket and last-minute orders; 
  • generating and reading barcodes; 
  • synchronization invoices with the office; 
  • mobile payments via credit card, check, or cash; 
  • automatic calculation of promotions and discounts; 
  • tracking the field employee work time; 
  • route navigation; 
  • the field service fulfillment without the Internet connection; 
  • printing to a mobile printer; 
  • sending invoices and other documents via e-mail, and more.

If you want to:

  • increase your staff productivity, 
  • streamline your company’s business processes, and 
  • maximize your company's efficiency

our field service software solution is right for you.

MiniMate™ mobile application features
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