Prism VS’s Multi Address Route Planner

multi address route planner

Do not know how a fleet of trucks can visit a set of needed stops in the least time.

Start to plan routes with Prism VS’s multi-address route planner – a software tool for creating the fastest and shortest routes. We have developed a software solution suitable for businesses of any size (from a one-person company to large corporations).

The key features provided by Prism VS’s multi-address route planner:

  • centralized, decentralized, and combined route planning; 
  • the interactive dashboard enables finding the best configuration; 
  • dynamic route modification enables adjusting routes for last-minute work orders, available drivers, and vehicles, or rescheduled stops; 
  • drag-and-drop enables manually managing routes; 

  • route sharing to drivers’ smartphones and tablets via the MiniMate™ mobile application;
  • map view enables data visualization on the maps; 
  • visual dispatching simplifies complex operations of the fleet managing; 
  • route tracking via the live feed of vehicle activity; 
  • monitoring the driving time and distance; 
  • integration with Google Maps and Bing Maps; 
  • historical data enables creating better and more realistic business plans. 
  • reporting enables generating reports from route data to improve the control of business activity; 

The main impacts on business activity:

  • reduced logistics costs; 
  • optimized multi-address routes; 
  • fastest and shortest itineraries; 
  • minimized driving distance; 
  • the tracked route, driving time, and distance; 
  • decreased delivery time; 
  • improved work time efficiency; 
  • enhanced number of served customers; 
  • increased drivers’ safety.
multi address route planner

Our multi-address route planner is a part of a more powerful route accounting software system that includes: