Prism VS’s Multi Address Route Planner [10 Main Advantages of Using]

multi-address route planner

Do you have a headache with planning workday of your delivery staff and dream about easy creating multi-stop routes for your fleet?

Your dream will be realized once you start to use Prism Visual Software's multi-address route planner.

We specialize in developing software solutions for companies performing field services, delivery, route sales, direct store delivery (DSD), and other activities that involve planning the routes, including routes with multiple stops.

Today, our multiple address route planner is widely used by companies from the variety of industries, including third-party delivery, food distribution, beverage dispensing, equipment service, direct store delivery, pest control, home care, first aid, pool cleaning, route sales, gas and welding supply, plumbing and heating, utilities, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning support, property maintenance, and many others.

Developed by our team multi-address route planner has such popularity and recognition because of advantages this solution beans to companies.

10 Main advantages of using Prism VS’s multi-address route planner:

  • automating an optimizing the process of planning routes for a fleet of vehicles; 
  • creating optimized daily routes with multiple addresses for stops for each vehicle; 
  • effectively dispatching delivery drives; 
  • tracking vehicles' location on the route and in the field and drivers' work time; 
  • reducing delivery costs by saving money on:
    • gasoline and tolls,
    • car maintenance and repair, 
    • drivers’ overtime, 
    • the number of staff needed to get the work done;
  • maximizing vehicle utilization by: 
    • maximizing truck fill out, 
    • maximizing the number of loaded trips for every truck, 
    • minimizing mileage; 
  • increasing the office and field staff productivity by: 
    • optimizing planning, dispatching, and tracking processes; 
    • increasing the number of deliveries performed by every driver; 
  • increasing the company’s profitability by fulfilling more deliveries with less amount of resources; 
  • increasing customers’ satisfaction by: 
    • decreasing the waiting time of delivery the bought and pre-ordered goods; 
    • increasing the number of timely deliveries; 
  • improving control of business activity and management of work processes. 

We give you the smart tool that enables creating the most efficient routes for your fleet of vehicles. Now, your success is in your hands.

Prism Visual Software’s Multi Address Route Planner