Prism VS’s Mobile Software Solution

Prism VS’s mobile software solution

Prism Visual Software, Inc. is a known and recognized leader in developing both desktop and mobile software solutions for companies performing any field service: delivery, route sales, repair, equipment service, and others. Keeping mobile workers organized is the key to success for such companies. MiniMate™ mobile software developed by our professional team provides all functionality necessary for organizing, fulfilling, controlling, and analyzing field service business:

  • Database – standalone database on the handheld devices. 
  • Communication – connection with mobile workers. 
  • Scheduling – automatically sending created schedules to mobile devices, including adjusted schedules and emergency tickets. 
  • Invoicing – creating, printing, and emailing invoices.
  • Inventory – barcode scanning, integration with Prism VS’s ServQuest™
  • Routing – integration with Prism Dispatch™ route optimization software as well as with GPS, Bing Maps, Google Maps. 
  • Dispatching – integration with Prism Dispatch™, getting turn-by-turn directions to the workplace. 
  • Pricing – setting a minimum selling price, automatically calculating promotions and discounts, up and down the street pricing. 
  • Accounting – integration with QuickBooks, Sage, AccountMate, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and other accounting software systems. 
  • Tracking – monitoring the vehicle location and employees’ work hours. 
  • Payments – collecting payments via cash, checks, and credit cards, including payments for overdue invoices. 
  • Customer history – access to real-time customer data: contact information, task requests, job notes, sales, account balances, payment records, and more. 
  • Reporting – creating customized reports.

Main benefits of using Prism VS’s mobile software solution:

  • setting up work processes to route without any misses; 
  • connection and communication with field employees; 
  • automatically delivering reminders and schedule changes; 
  • synchronizing with back-office; 
  • turning paper documents into electronic ones on the go; 
  • real-time visualization of the company's data; 
  • collecting and aggregating field data from multi parties; 
  • enhancing the real-time brand experience;
  • leveraging the power of real-time reporting. 

Want to exactly know what your field employees are doing and where they are going. Take your business processes under control with MiniMate™ mobile software.

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