Prism VS’s Mobile Business Software Solution

Prism’s Mobile Business Software Solution

Benefits of using MiniMate™ mobile business software for handheld devices:

  • automates the delivery and servicing processes by:
    • generating the daily routes,
    • maintaining the route book,
    • printing invoices and loading to the PDAs,
    • completing and uploading service orders and invoices from the PDAs.
  • gives route personnel access to: 
    • products and prices of the standard orders, 
    • last delivered orders and last four deliveries per item, 
    • suggested orders, 
    • no standing orders, 
    • barcode options.
  • provides an automatic calculation of promotions and discounts and gives customer-specific pricing via price level and type; 
  • calculates taxes; 
  • allows to track inventory; 
  • integrates with: 
    • our route management desktop solutions,
    • third-party products: GPS, GIS mapping, and accounting software such as QuickBooks, AccountMate, and others. 
  • collects signatures and payments via cash, check, and credit card;
  • syncs back to the integrated accounting system: invoices, applied payments, and collected histories; 
  • provides mobile workers with: 
    •  customers’ contact information and account balances, 
    •  delivery and sale instructions. 
  • allows servicing anybody anywhere with or without the data connection;
  • provides pre-trip and post-trip inspection surveys; 
  • automatically tracks mobile workers' location and time.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. is a leading developer of scheduling, dispatching, and routing business software for companies specializing in the route sales, equipment service, and pre-order deliveries. Developed by our experienced software team desktop and mobile business applications enable our clients to plan, optimize, and effectively execute their business operations. We always use modern and at the same time, proven technologies that provide tools and features for continued growth and success of any company that uses our business solutions.

Today we offer our clients not only our package of the desktop application but mobile business software too. Our MiniMate™ is an award-winning mobile application that is indispensable for pre-order salespeople, route sales representatives, delivery drivers, and equipment service technicians.