Improve Your Business with Prism Visual Software’s MiniMate™ Route Planning Application and Prism Dispatch™ Desktop Package

MiniMate mobile route planning software enables driving on the optimized routes.

MiniMate™ is an award-winning route planning mobile application developed by Prism Visual Software, Inc. for smartphones, tablets PC, and other mobile handheld devices. This mobile application has been recognized by the delivery and field service companies as it provides indispensable aid to pre-order salespeople, route sales representatives, delivery drivers, route sales drivers, equipment service technicians, and other workers performing field service in their everyday activity.

Today, MiniMate™ is used by small, middle-sized, and large organizations from more than thirty industries.

Main advantages of the MiniMate™ route planning application:

  • runs on the Windows and Android operating systems; 
  • easily set up; 
  • simple-to-use interface; 
  • easily customization; 
  • integrating with accounting, CRM, and other software systems.

Used together with the Prism Dispatch™ desktop package, MiniMate™ makes the work of field employees much easier via its comprehensive set of features.

Deliver on Optimize Routes

  selection a driver for optimizing delivery routes

Select a driver with created work orders and destinations.

  planning the most effective route

Find most effective multi-stops routes for the selected driver.

  exporting created route to the driver's mobile device

Export optimized routes to the driver’s mobile device.

  drive to customer location on the optimized route

Get a live map with the sequence of destinations.

Prism VS's MiniMate™ mobile route planning software solution enables:

  • driving on the optimized routes; 
  • reducing connection via phone calls; 
  • eliminating paperwork and manual calculations; 
  • sending sale instructions, customer contact information, and other data from the office to the route sales representatives; 
  • using Google and Bing Maps; 
  • automatically updating changes in schedules and the last-minute orders; 
  • eliminating deliveries to non-paying COD (Cash on Delivery) customers; 
  • seeing more customers and closing more deals; 
  • sending data to the office from the field by route sales representatives; 
  • entering key customer details into the CRM system on-the-fly; 
  • collecting payments at customer locations via credit cards, cash, or checks; 
  • emailing invoices with conditions and equipment terms; 
  • printing to mobile printers; 
  • using barcodes for automatic identification and data capture; 
  • increasing driving safety; 
  • automatically tracking route sales representatives’ work time and location.
MiniMate™ route planning app

Optimizing routes and managing route sales representatives for maximum efficiencies is the main goal of Prism VS’s MiniMate™ route planning application.

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