Prism Dispatch™ and MiniMate™ Route Optimization Software

MiniMate™ Route Optimization Software

For businesses performing route sales and field services, controlling mileage and drive time is essential. Regardless of whether your business schedules a recurring service, such as equipment maintenance, pool cleaning, landscaping, pest control, or another kind of service, you need to plan routes. It is natural that every business owner wants to find a high return on every investment.

We can offer any company, which activity concerns with delivery products or services, the unique software solution that allows eliminating loses in the two areas: driving time and fuel costs. Even experienced drivers and dispatchers report about resource savings when using our MiniMate™ route optimization app and Prism Mapping Suite.

Prism Mapping Suite and MiniMate™ route optimization software enable:

  • eliminating laborious paperwork and manual calculations; 
  • sending all work orders to the map for subsequent route optimization by integration with Prism’s ServQuest™ route management software
  • geocoding the exact customer locations for delivering goods or service; 
  • optimizing routes with multiple stops by finding the shortest distance; 
  • optimizing routes with taking into account the time windows; 
  • optimizing multiple routes simultaneously; 
  • assigning stops between routes and automatic optimization of all affected itineraries;

  • utilizing a broad range of mapping activities; 
  • utilizing a broad range of mapping activities; 
  • providing delivery drivers, field sales representatives, and service technicians with the sale instructions, customer contact information, customer order history, and other needed data; 
  • viewing the current weather on the map; 
  • increasing driving safety; 
  • using Google Maps via easy synchronization;
  • automatical updating any last-minute changes in schedules and work orders; 
  • playing back any driver’s route from previous workdays; 
  • optimizing every operation in the field; 
  • visiting more clients and closing more deals; 
  • eliminating deliveries of goods and services to non-paying clients;
  • collecting payments in the field and at customer locations via credit cards, cash, or checks; 
  • reducing inefficiency in the field service;
  • increasing accountability of all mobile workers; 
  • sending data and reports back to the office from the field; 
  • reviewing every driver, field sales representative, and service technician work progress; 
  • automatical tracking mobile employees work time and location, and more.

Do you desire to save time and money, streamline deliveries, improve customer satisfaction and increase the company's revenue? Start to use Prism's route optimization app, and you will reach the wishful results.

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