Lot Tracking Capabilities

lot tracking capabilities

A lot is a batch of the stock-keeping unit. Lot tracking is a process of keeping under control the movement of batches (lots) from manufacturers through suppliers to the customers.

Lot tracking software allows companies to neatly track:

  • any particular group or batch of their product;
  • suppliers’ information and date of purchase;
  • which customers and when have received consignments;
  • products expiration date;
  • movement of goods from start to finish along the supply chain.

Lot tracking helps businesses:

  • keep inventory organized,
  • trace products by manufacturer, production date, and expiration date, 
  • act quickly in case of a recall.

Lot tracking capabilities:

  • Auto-generating lot numbers
  • Adding lot numbers in invoices
  • Auto-assign lots to orders
  • Printing lot numbers on packing slips
  • Scan barcode for tracking of lot #
  • Tracking internal and external lot numbers
  • Inventory adjustments within lots
  • Monitoring products expiration date
  • Supports FDA requirements
  • Inventory reporting by lot number
  • Transaction history by lot number
  • Integrated forward/backward recalls
Prism Visual Software's lot tracking