Prism Visual Software's Computerized System for Managing and Tracking Company's Inventory

Benefits of using Prism's inventory tracking software system

Prism Visual Software, Inc. can offer companies everything they need to start tracking their inventory today, namely:

  • powerful desktop inventory tracking solution – ServQuest™;
  • mobile inventory tracking solution – MiniMate™;
  • mobile barcode scanner app – MiniMate™;
  • barcode label printer solution – MiniMate™;
  • support service.

With our complex inventory tracking software system, managing your inventory levels and identifying your items' location is simple and doesn’t require specific hardware or technical equipment.

You will be able to provide the tracking of your inventory at multiple locations by using your personal computer or laptop and your smartphone or tablet, or other handheld devices.

We have designed and developed a unique computerized system for tracking inventory with the purpose to make collecting inventory data faster, easier, and more reliable. As you can see above, offered by our company system includes:

 desktop software ServQuest™ desktop computerized package. mobile software MiniMate™ mobile application for smartphones, tablets, and handheld devices.

Our computerized solution for inventory tracking has gained recognition among small, middle-sized, and large companies and today is widely used by our clients from more than thirty industries.

Advantages of using the software system for inventory tracking:

  • minimizing the paperwork; 
  • reducing efforts needed to provide the inventory audit and report daily inventory transactions; 
  • real-time information about inventory levels; 
  • improving data accuracy by tracking the lot number, serial number, expiration date, and more; 
  • managing inventory in multiple warehouses; 
  • eliminating overstock and out-of-stock situations; 
  • view of the top-selling products; 
inventory tracking software solution
  • integration between the company’s warehouse and accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), order management, e-commerce, invoicing, purchasing, and other systems; 
  • retaining the accurate needed inventory levels helps companies to increase their accountability and eliminate out-of-stock and overstock inventory situations;
  • tracking the customers' purchase history and employees who performed deliveries gives insight into workers’ productivity; 
  • automation of inventory management and control.