Prism VS’s Inventory Software for Advance Inventory Management and Control

Prism’s Inventory System Software

With information about all items in stock (located within multiple warehouses) provided by extensive reporting, companies get visibility into all inventory data and, even, inventory history. Understanding the items details, location within warehouses, and quantity allows making decisions about the inventory stock levels and its replenishment based on inventory availability and warehouses' capacity.

Proper inventory system software enables foreseeing the potential threats and providing "no items go missing" and being ready to fulfill customers’ orders. ServQuest™ desktop package and MiniMate™ mobile application designed by Prism Visual Software, Inc. create an advanced inventory software system that benefits any company regardless of its industry and size.

Main advantages provided by Prism VS’s inventory software system:

  • advance inventory management and order fulfillment; 
  • automating and optimization inventory management processes; 
  • efficient stock operations and enhanced sales productivity; 
  • lower cost and higher controlled automated purchasing; 
  • real-time detailed inventory visibility; 
  • easily performing picking, packing, and shipment; 
  • eliminating the separate applications maintaining and upgrading; 
  • barcoding; 

  • extensive customized reporting; 
  • making informed decisions about inventory and business expenses; 
  • evaluating the correct value of inventory and planning an efficient budget; 
  • monitoring purchases across the company; 
  • identifying the spending trends and the lesion; 
  • tracking the inventory costs with up-to-date information; 
  • easily buying and selling: creating purchase orders, invoices, sales orders, invoices, and more; 
  • automatic low stock level and reorder point alerts; 
  • eliminating the "run out of stock" situations; 
  • increasing accuracy and efficiency, and more.
use the barcode tracking system to control your inventory

The inventory software system is necessary for any company performing sales goods or services. Times the manual managing raw materials and finished goods in warehouses and stocks are far behind. Today without automation and optimization business processes, including inventory management, it is impossible to be competitive on the market. Therefore, companies are looking for new ways to optimize their activities. Our professional team knows well and understand the needs of our clients. In developing our computerized solutions, we use the newest software technologies which will ensure the smooth operation of our systems for years.

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