Prism’s Inventory Management Software System (4 Reasons to Use)

Reasons to Use the Inventory Software System

Prism’s inventory software system includes:

4 Reasons to use Prism’s inventory management software system:

  1. Easily integrates with other software solutions, including the most popular accounting systems such QuickBooks, MiniMate, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, SAP, and other for creating a single database. 
  2. Enables managing multiple warehouses with the single database.
  3. Helps to increase staff productivity and company’s efficiency by automating and optimizing processes concerned with the inventory managing and controlling: purchasing, reordering, counting, locating, moving, tracking, and other. 
  4. Allows cutting business costs by supporting the right inventory levels.

Main features of the Prism’s software system of the inventory management and control:

  • a complete list of the item details; 
  • tracking inventory levels in the real-time;
  • automatically updating inventory levels;
  • serial number inventory tracking; 
  • barcoding to encode and read the goods information;
  • lot control to record information about goods; 
  • managing multiple warehouses;
  • inventory movements within warehouses; 
  • managing multiple suppliers; 
  • purchase orders to control the purchasing of goods; 
  • reorder notifications to prevent the out-of-stock situations; 
  • sales orders to send to customers before delivering the products; 
  • invoicing to create and track invoices easily; 
  • multi-currency to price products in a variety of currencies; 
  • inventory history to see how effectively inventory was managed; 
  • real-time data access to make the right decisions quickly; 
  • mobile solution (that can also work as a barcode reader) to use out of the office;
  • customizable reporting to analyze the current situation and forecast the future demands.