Prism VS’s Field Service Software Features

The main Features of the field service software solutions.

Prism Visual Software offers the best field service software that supplies operations from the call center to the field.

Our solution includes desktop (ServQuest™ and Prism Dispatch™) and mobile (MiniMate™) applications that make it more inalienable to the work processes of the field service personnel since it enables service technicians to be dispatched to the customer service calls.

Features of Prism VS's field service software:

  • call center for receiving orders by phone;
  • inventory control for eliminating the out-of-stock and overstock situations; 
  • central scheduling for planning the delivery of products and services at the right time; 
  • electronic dispatching for cutting the paper and phone calls; 
  • automatic mobile tracking for providing control over field personnel; 
  • work order management for monitoring the job status; 
  • route-map optimization for reducing business costs and increasing profitability; 
  • automatic mobile tracking for providing control over field personnel; 
  • invoicing for easy creating and sending invoices and monitoring their status; 
  • customer management for performing better relationship with the current and potential customers; 
  • customer orders history for providing effective forecasting; 
  • electronic signature for proof of delivery goods or equipment service; 
  • Web Customer for reducing the customer phone calls and giving them additional convenience;
  • integration with accounting software via Order Connector.

Prism VS's field service computer programs are recognized by numerous clients because of they:

  • enables advanced planning schedules of the delivery products and/or services; 
  • enables dispatching the right delivery driver and service technician for the job; 
  • enables communications between delivery drivers/service technicians and dispatchers to relay the service information and important questions; 
  • enables managing inventory, mobile personnel, and business operations in the field; 
  • eliminates the paper forms and collect and submit the service data in real-time by using the mobile devices in the field; 
  • reduces the field personnel calling to dispatching office; 
  • enables field workers to make real-time decisions; 
  • allows to improve control over mobile workers, including their location and time, and provided field service; 
  • enables using GPS and other devices to save delivery time and increase employees' productivity.
mobile solution

Summarizing all the above, we can only add that our field service software solution helps companies to provide customers with smarter, faster, and more personalized service in the field.