The Best Management Software for Small Business Specialized in Field Services

Prism offers the best small business management software.

Founded in 1997, Prism Visual Software, Inc. is a leading provider of software development and information technology (IT) consulting. For twenty years of presence on the market, our company has achieved a considerable success and reached an excellent reputation as a provider of innovative and contemporary software solutions to small companies that provide field service.

For years, we have studied problems and difficulties the small field service companies meet in their everyday activities of customer service. Our skilled developers closely contact managers, accountants, and other professionals to use their recommendations when designing new computer programs or when changing already developed and used versions. Our small business management software meets all field service requirements, including technological. We always go with the times and use only the newest IT technologies.

Prism VS's field service  management software solution includes various desktop programs and mobile applications grouped into packages:

  • ServQuest™ – a complex desktop software package enabling effective route management.
  • Prism Dispatch™ – an extensive desktop software package that enables visual dispatching and route map optimization. 
  • MiniMate™ – mobile software developed for smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices runs on different mobile device platforms, including Android 4.0 or greater, Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0 or greater. 
  • Order Connector – the unique enterprise resource planning – ERP – system synchronizing our software solutions and integrating them with accounting software used by companies for creating a single-process flow for all business processes. 
  • Web Customer – a website that can be easily attached to the client website(s) with the purpose to help companies provide efficient web sales.

Our field service management software covers most business activities and enables managing:

  • Call center – Prism’s inbound and outbound call center software enables management calls initiated by customers as well as outbound telephone calls to customers. 
  • Warehouse – the warehouse management software provides supporting warehouse operations. 
Prism VS's field service software solutions
  • Inventory – the inventory management computerized system enables efficient inventory control and maintaining the right inventory level regardless of the multiple locations. 
  • Customer relationship – the customer relationship management solution enables management and analysis of the customer interactions with the purpose to improve relationships with customers. 
  • Human resources – human resource management software allows small businesses that perform the field service to maximize their employees’ performance. 
  • Route – the route map optimization software allows small businesses to optimize the delivery route with multiple stops for more professional and quick deliveries and services.