Prism VS’s Equipment Service Management Software

Organize your business with the Prism's equipment service management software solution

If you want to schedule more jobs and get paid faster for your equipment service, you should use field service and equipment management software developed by Prism Visual Software, Inc. Our company specializes in designing software solutions for organizations performing equipment service and is a leading provider recognized by small, middle-sized, and large companies providing equipment service.

Our equipment service management software helps to:

  • Organize a business.

We have studied specifics of the equipment service and have designed the complex solution enabling efficient service management that reduces the number of paperwork required to run an equipment service business. Now organizations can keep their schedules, purchases, orders, tickets, invoices, quotes, customers, vendors and other information centralized in one location.

  • Improve scheduling.

Our computerized programs give a clear view of open slots in the calendar of the service technicians and available equipment at the same time. The calendar format and ability to see the color-coded geographic areas allow dispatchers easy and better plan the day’s work, schedule the company's team, adjust the schedule as needed, create recurring jobs, include emergency tickets, and more.

  • Run reports.

Ability to create reports, both types typical and custom, enables providing greater business control, analyzing the company's activity, and forecasting future trends.

  • Integrate into accounting software systems.

Seamlessly integrating into accounting packages such as AccountMate, QuickBooks, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and other with the Prism’s Order Connector enables automatically synchronizing data (from inventory to summary sales) to update it every day. This integration allows companies to reduce the manual data entry and to eliminate human errors, and, certainly, to save valuable time and money.

  • Increase productivity.

Our comprehensive service management software system enables companies to view their customer and vendor details such as contact information, orders and purchase history, and other in one location. It provides full visibility to the company's team, creating tasks and tracking the time employees are spending on them, the ability to generate effective schedules and optimized delivery routes, real-time feedback, keeping field workers by receiving information and updates on mobile devices and many other features.

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