Prism Dispatch™ Software Package

dispatching and route optimization

If your business is related to carrying out any kind of service in the field, you need a dispatcher(s) who receives and transmits information and coordinates operations of field personal (drivers, service technicians, route sales representatives, couriers, and other workers) and vehicles. To work productively, a dispatcher needs to optimize the management of a high volume of jobs. It is possible only by automating most operations. Prism Visual Software offers Prism Dispatch™ software package that enables automation and optimization of day-to-day dispatching processes.

Prism Dispatch™ provides:

  • scheduling jobs or services;
  • visual dispatching; 
  • route-map optimization;
  • visualization every mobile worker;
  • live work-in-progress;
  • powerful reporting.

Make your dispatch and mobile teams more effective.

Accelerate dispatching processes

  • Use "drag and drop" for scheduling 
  • Customize your processes 
  • Create recurring jobs on a repeating basis 
  • Tag employees with specific skills
Dispatch Sample Screen 1

Dispatch Sample Screen 2

Increase the visibility of every employee and job

  • View on the map worker location for every job
  • View all existing customers on the map 
  • See all current and future work tasks
  • Update mobile workers about any changes in schedules

Automate creating optimized routes

  • Build fastest and most efficient routes in a few minutes 
  • Use filters to customize route optimization with multiple stops 
  • Calculate expected distance traveled for every job 
  • Send customer alerts on arrival times
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