Prism Dispatch™ Route Mapping Software Simplifies the Planning Process

Route mapping software provided by Prism helps to optimize deliveries.

Do you still plan your routes manually?

Automate your route delivery planning with Prism VS's route mapping software provided by Prism Dispatch™ desktop software package. We understand that there are no two the same companies; therefore, the routing software must not be one-size-fits-all. Our software can be easily customized, so become our clients, and you will always have algorithms that meet all your requirements. No more manual calculations, Prism Dispatch™ will do everything for and, first of all, will simplify the route planning process. Enter your criteria and our route planning computerized program will calculate the lowest cost route for you.

Criteria our route mapping software takes into consideration:

  • customer preferred delivery times; 
  • traffic conditions; 
  • vehicle types; 
  • driver experience.

Main benefits provided by the Prism Dispatch™ route mapping software:

  • lowest cost delivery routes via reducing fuel and labor costs; 
  • more deliveries for the same time by eliminating unnecessary miles; 
  • tracking the real-time route status via the MiniMate™ mobile application; 
  • ensuring the route compliance without the phone calls distracting drivers; 
  • drivers have the ability to focus on the road by reducing the phone calls; 
  • saving the dispatcher and driver time by reducing the phone calls; 
  • providing drivers with real-time updates; 
  • estimated time of arrival; 
  • increasing drivers’ safety; 
  • increasing drivers’ productivity by completing more deliveries with fewer resources and less over time; 
  • ability to make better decisions; 
  • integration with other software systems; 
  • improving customer service.
benefits provided by the Prism Dispatch™ route mapping software

We offer you the easiest and most efficient way to manage and optimize your delivery operations. Our route mapping software will always provide your drivers with the lowest-cost route. Many companies which business activities concerned with the delivery industry or deliveries rely on Prism Dispatch™ for their route planning needs. Today, we have clients from more than thirty industries, and their amount is growing from day-to-day. It is not surprising because we offer you the unique software solution built on the latest technologies and close contact with professionals in the delivery industry.