Prism Dispatch™ for the Best Results

Prism Dispatch

Are you searching for a better way to dispatch your delivery drivers, route sales representative, service technicians, or other staff working in the field? We can offer you one of the best dispatch programs that enable fast and accurate scheduling and efficient dispatching. We understand that without the right technology, creating the right schedule requires huge amounts of time.

Prism Dispatch™ is a force multiplier for the office staff that gives an unprecedented picture of the work process in the field.

Visual dispatching gives full visibility of the past, present, and future work.

Benefits of using Prism Dispatch™ software solution:

  • eliminating the laborious paperwork;
  • optimizing and automating work processes; 
  • reducing operational costs; 
  • visibility of the past, present, and future work; 
  • real-time tracking the job status,

  • distributing the workload according to worker skills and experience, service regions, and route efficiency;
  • limiting whitespace in the employee workday; 
  • reducing travel time; 
  • decreasing the need for multiple visits; 
  • providing turn-by-turn directions for delivery drivers, service technicians, and route sales representatives; 
  • enabling field workers arrive at customer location safely and on time; 
  • increasing employee and asset utilization; 
  • tracking fulfilled jobs, delays, employee work time and location; 
  • full visibility into field operations anytime;
  • real-time access to the collected data; 
  • creating meaningful reports; 
  • increasing the field employee performance; 
  • improving customer experience and increasing customer satisfaction; 
  • ensuring stability, profitability and a strong reputation; 
  • improving revenue stream and meeting business goals.
Prism Dispatch™ software solution

Without the right tools, maintaining quality standards, controlling safety regulations, monitoring the customer experience, tracking activities of field personnel is a stressful responsibility. Prism Dispatch™ is a complex software tool that includes all dispatch programs needed to control the whole process within one powerful system.

Route optimization feature included in the dispatch programs streamlines field personnel to service more customers per day.