Prism Dispatch™ Multiple Address Route Planner

MiniMate mobile application and Prism Dispatch multiple address route planner help to increase deliveries.

Companies performing field service have to serve customers at their locations. For effective running, such organizations need to organize their business activities by taking into account all details even small ones. Their field employees have to visit many customers in different locations by driving dozens of miles every day. We can help field service companies to design each their workday for success.

Our computerized multiple address route planner allows optimizing routes with multiple stops, so each delivery driver or service technician will drive on the best route every time.

What does the best route mean?

The best route means that:

  • your mobile workers will not drive unnecessary miles and make useless stops; 
  • your route sales representatives will get to see more customers, and delivery drivers and service technicians will visit more clients; 
  • your field employees will get to close more deals.

We have designed Prism Dispatch™ multiple address route planner as a part of our route accounting software system that also includes:

  • ServQuest™ electronic route book that enables scheduling customer servicing for route sales, delivery sold products and pre-ordered goods and services; 
  • MiniMate™ mobile application specially developed for mobile employees to use in the field.

The Prism Dispatch™ multiple address route planner allows:

  • reducing the driving time to the customer locations, 
  • visiting customers at the right time, 
  • evenly distributing the workload among the field staff,
  • increasing the number of customers served for the same time, 
  • eliminate unnecessary miles and stops, 
  • cutting down on the fuel and labor costs, 
  • instantly communication with delivery drivers and service technicians via MiniMate™ mobile application.
 Prism Dispatch™ multiple address route planner

In the case of using our MiniMate™ mobile application, your dispatchers will be able to send optimized routes to field workers with a single click. Moreover, they will have the ability to connect with route sales representatives, delivery drivers, service technicians anytime (to provide them with the needed information such as the customer location and contact information, changes to the schedule or work orders, and others) and track their location and time.

Start today to save money, fuel, and time with Prism Dispatch™!