Prism Dispatch™ Multi-Route Planner

Prism Dispatch Software

Do you need a tool that can simplify your route planning process?

Our multi-route planner that consists of the Prism Dispatch™ desktop software and MiniMate™ mobile application is a solution you are looking for.

Use Prism Dispatch™ to:

  • plan delivery personnel day’s work, 
  • create and maintain schedules,
  • create the most cost-effective routes,
  • correct routes by the last-minute requests,
  • include new work tickets,
  • add emergency stops as it is needed,
  • track vehicle locations and driving time,  
  • provide mobile employees with turn-by-turn directions.

Prism VS multi-route planner benefits:

Companies performing the delivery, route sales, equipment, and other field services:

  • reducing the labor-consuming paperwork;
  • optimizing routes with multiple stops for every vehicle from the fleet; 
  • automatically tracking vehicle location and field employee work time; 
  • preventing deliveries of goods and services to non-paying customers; 
  • decreasing delivery expenses via: 
    • reducing fuel costs, 
    • reducing vehicle wear, 
    • decreasing vehicle operating costs,
    • decreasing labor costs; 
  • serving more customers with fewer resources; 
  • providing ownership cost savings by reducing vehicle ownership;
  • increasing customers satisfaction and the company's recognition; 
  • increasing staff performance and the company's profitability.
Multi-route planning software

Delivery drivers, route sales representatives, service technicians:

  • using the driving instructions with the turn-by-turn directions; 
  • collecting customer payment on the job at customer locations; 
  • increasing drivers' safety; 
  • visiting more customers for less time; 
  • real-time connection with the office; 
  • receiving updates with the last-minute changes in the schedule automatically; 
  • ability to perform a job with or without an Internet connection; 
  • eliminating the manual paperwork in the field; 
  • automatic calculating of promotions, discounts, and taxes; 
  • getting customer signature as proof of delivery.


  • receiving purchased products and services timely; 
  • tracking the status of purchased goods and services; 
  • paying for delivered products and service at the time of receipt; 
  • receiving customer support via phone or email.
Prism Dispatch™ Multi-Route Planner Software Solution