Prism Dispatch™ Desktop and MiniMate™ Mobile Route Planning Software

Prism's Dispatch and MiniMate route planning software solutions.

Does your business concerned with deliveries?

Our company can help your organization to increase productivity and efficiency by improving your logistics operations. We have developed for companies performing field service the complex software solution that allows bringing your business to the next level.

The success of our clients is our main goal; therefore, we practice relentless customer care. We industriously study the business of each of our clients with the purpose to understand their industry specifics and anticipate their needs in advance. Our support team close contact with our customers and are always ready to help if any problem happens, and route planning software solution cannot be used in an effective way.

Our route management solution includes:

Our Prism Dispatch™ desktop and MiniMate™ mobile route planning software enable:

  • planning routes with multiple destinations; 
  • balancing customer locations between field workers; 
  • optimizing routes for multiple vehicles; 
  • adjusting the route in a few seconds; 
  • using the Bing Maps direction application; 
  • generating the optimal round trip to ride on the closed-loop; 
  • assigning the work orders to the drivers and service technicians; 
  • tracking the vehicle location and field workers’ activity; 
  • anytime connection with the office; 
  • ability to fulfill the work order even without the Internet connection;
  • integration with third-party software.
desktop and mobile route planning software

Offered by us Prism Dispatch™ and MiniMate™ route planning applications can be especially helpful for companies performing:

Prism Dispatch™ and MiniMate™ route planning
  • Food delivery – to fulfill more deliveries; 
  • Retail and distribution – to meet more customers and make more sales; 
  • First aid, health, and home care – to reach more patients; 
  • Installation and maintenance – to increase technicians efficiency and serve more customers; 
  • Pest control – to improve daily operations; 
  • Cleaning service – to plan schedules and routes; 
  • Bulk propane and tank exchange – to serve more customers; 
  • Equipment service – to plan schedules and routes; 
  • Laundry – to plan the laundry collections and deliveries; 
  • Gas utilities – to plan investigates and provide repair suspected leaks timely; 
  • Route sales – to meet more customers and make more sales; 
  • Plumbing and heating – to serve more clients; 
  • Other industries.