Prism Dispatch™ and MiniMate™ Computer Aided Dispatch Software

Prism's computer aided dispatch software system includes Prism Dispatch™ and MiniMate™

Interested in the functioning a more organized, efficient, and profitable field service business?

Prism's computer-aided dispatch software solution designed for multiple dispatching capabilities can help you.

Our computer-aided dispatch software solution includes:

Because of complete integration of both components (Prism Dispatch™ and MiniMate™) via specially designed Order Connector, the company's personnel can immediately use any information added by dispatchers even without phone calls.

Prism Dispatch™ and MiniMate™ computer-aided dispatch software system allows:

  • to organize all processes concerned with the field service business;
  • to meet the demanding field service business needs;
  • be immediately share information (including, the emergency inbound calls) between employees, including those who work in the field; 
  • to inform personnel (first of all, employees working in the field: delivery drivers, service technicians, engineers, route sales representatives, and others) about the last minute changes in their schedule; 
  • to coordinate multiple employees and location; 
  • to track the mobile employees’ location and status; 
  • to meet critical needs with high reliability of ensuring the continuity of the operations.

Benefits of using Prism Dispatch™ and MiniMate™ computer-aided dispatch software system:

  • easy to install and use; 
  • ability to perform the multiple tasks with one, highly-productive system; 
  • supports a wide variety of dispatch preferences; 
  • bi-directional real-time communication between dispatchers and mobile workers; 
  • can be easily adapt to changing requirements;
  • allows reducing the total business expenses; 
  • seamlessly and fully integrated with GIS mapping and route accounting software; 
  • serving more customers via optimizing the scheduling and dispatching processes; 
  • reducing errors via eliminating manual paper works; 
  • easily customization to meet specific needs; 
  • powerful reporting that enables efficient analysis and forecasting; 
  • increasing the company’s productivity and revenue.

Prism Dispatch™ and MiniMate™ computer-aided dispatch software system