Prism VS’s Direct Sales Software [6 Main Reasons to Use]

Prism’s Direct Sales Software System

Do you want to grow your direct sales business securely?

Our direct sales software is created for you.

We have developed a unique software solution that helps to organize and control sales processes.

6 Main reasons to use Prism VS’s direct sales software:

#1. Tools you need. – Our sales software solution provides a full set of features needed for efficiently fulfilling direct sales. Vendors relationship management, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory levels control, warehouse management, dispatching, scheduling, routing, tracking, and reporting are not the full list of processes that are automated and supported by our software system.

#2. Mobility. – Our direct sales software system includes the MiniMate™ mobile application running the Android operating system. With MiniMate™ your field employees will always be equipped with all necessary information such as sale and

delivery instructions, invoices, accounts’ balance, customers’ contact information, and others. The standalone database on mobile devices allows sales representatives to fulfill their job without an Internet connection.

#3. Save time. – Organizing information in the right way and automating routine day-to-day processes gives the ability to save much money and focus on the most important aspects of direct sales. Virtually connecting with customers via the Web Store, contacting with field workers via the MiniMate™, and receiving payments via the Web Bill Pay are additional tools that allow companies to save time on the phone calls and obtaining credit card payments.

#4. Security and safety. – We designed the software system that protects business information when it is being processed or is at rest in storage. Moreover, using our system allows you to increase the safety of your drivers and route sales representatives. The real-time tracking of your drivers’ location, quick and easy connection with every mobile worker, driving along beforehand planned routes with Google Maps help not only to increase your staff productivity but their safety too.

#5. Save money. – Driving along the optimized routes allows eliminating the unnecessary miles and stops. As a result, your company can save money on fuel costs, repair expenses, spoiled goods, and labor over-time.

#6. Increase in revenue. – The more time is saved the higher employees’ productivity. The higher employees’ productivity, the more effective your company works. The more effective your company works, the higher your revenue. The functionality of our direct sales software system enables companies to save time via automation and optimization of their business processes. Do you still doubt the advisability of using Prism's direct sales software system? Contact our consultants, and they will give you full information about Prism's direct sales software solution.

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