Prism VS’s Desktop and Mobile Applications Integrate with QuickBooks 

Use Prism's computerized solutions together with QuickBooks software.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. is a software design company that provides different industries related to delivery and equipment service with quality software solutions. Since founding our company in 1997, it has grown into a leading software provider with a professional team experienced in routing business developers. Nowadays, we can offer companies performing route sales, pre-order, delivery, and equipment service a wide range of desktop and mobile software solutions that are grouped into five main parts which can be used separately as well as together:

  • ServQuest™ desktop route accounting software;
  • Prism Dispatch™ desktop dispatching and route map optimization software;
  • MiniMate™ mobile application for tablets, smartphones, and other handheld devices;
  • Order Connector synchronizes the accounting software to our desktop and mobile applications.
  • Web Customer – websites built by our web developers as toolkits attached to client websites.

These days our company is working in four main directions:

  • Route sales software solutions:
    • route accounting;
    • inventory management; o route map optimization.
  • Pre-order software solutions:
    • call center solutions;
    • scheduling software.
  • Delivery and equipment service software solutions:
    • dispatching and scheduling software;
    • route-map optimization for malty-stops deliveries.
  • Mobile solution provides route sales representatives, pre-order managers, delivery drivers, equipment service technicians with a number of tools:
    • invoicing;
    • tracks loading;
    • capturing signature;
    • collecting payments;
    • printing invoices;
    • tracking the equipment installs, pickups, and exchanges;
    • service history, and others.

Each from our desktop and mobile application is integrated with the QuickBooks accounting software via designed by our developers Order Connector – a bridge between Prism’s products and the most popular accounting software.

Prism’s Desktop and Mobile Applications Integrate with QuickBooks