Prism VS’s Delivery Software (5 Components of the System)

Main components of Prism’s delivery software system

Prism Visual Software, Inc. is a well known and recognized company in the software industry because the business software solutions developed by our team help users (regardless of their companies' size and industry) to generate revenue. Our approach to software development is different than most other providers as we always learn the business of our clients inside-and-out before making technology choice. We build applications by using the latest desktop, mobile, and web software technologies.

We understand that any technology and software product that companies are looking for are only the means that help to make their businesses more efficient and more profitable. We target all our efforts on developing the well-built software as think about its users and their needs.

The industry and company specialization put in the forefront the special requirements for software that cannot be ignored. Therefore, we have been developing delivery software by taking into account the specifics of organizations performing delivery products and services.

Prism VS’s delivery software supports the basic processes of the delivery business:

  • customer relationship management (CRM);
  • purchasing and vendors management;
  • inbound and outbound call centers; 
  • scheduling and dispatching; 
  • inventory control and warehouse management; 
  • route accounting and map optimization; 
  • tracking: inventory movement, customer orders, work orders, driver location, labor work time, and more;
  • reporting and history of deliveries.

Products and services delivery includes the well-coordinated work of:

  • office personnel: sales managers, dispatchers, assistants, and others;
  • warehouse employees: inventory managers, selectors, packaging operators, and others;
  • vehicle fleet: mechanics, car technicians, vehicle coordinators, and others; 
  • mobile workers: delivery drivers, service technicians, and others. 
delivery solutions
delivery tracking

Organizing, coordinating, optimizing, and controlling the harmonious work of at list four departments is possible only with a complex and powerful delivery software system that takes into consideration all aspects even the smallest ones, and includes desktop, mobile, and web software components.

5 Components of the Prism VS’s delivery software system:

  1. ServQuest™ desktop and laptop software for use in the office, warehouse, and garage. 
  2. Prism Dispatch™ desktop and laptop software for use in the office, warehouse, and garage. 
  3. MiniMate™ mobile application to use on the route, customer location, warehouse, and garage. 
  4. Order Connector ERP software that synchronizes Prism’s products and integrates them with other software systems.
  5. Web Store online store that can be easily attached to the company's website.