Prism VS’s Delivery Management Software Functionality

Prism’s Delivery Management Software Functionality

Prism VS’s delivery management software system provides:

  • customer relationship management (CRM) – to manage customer data and customer interaction;
  • pricing – to create customer-specific prices for individual items; 
  • customer orders processing – to manage and control processes of the picking and packing goods and loading the packed items to vehicles for delivery; 
  • invoicing – to automatically generate accurate invoices for customer orders; 
  • delivery scheduling – to plan delivery products or services at the time convenient for customers; 
  • route optimization – to create the optimal delivery route with the multiple stops; 

  • dispatching – to receive information from the inbound phone calls, deploy the appropriate crew timely, and provide assistance to delivery drivers;
  • call center – to receive the inbound phone calls from customers;
  • warehouse managing – to support the day-to-day warehouse operations;
  • purchasing – to purchase products and materials, including for multiple locations;
  • vendors managing – to manage the vendors’ data;
  • tracking – to monitor: 
    • inventory movement from vendors, within warehouses, and to customers; 
    • customer orders status;
    • work orders fulfillment; 
    • delivery drivers location on the route, 
    • labor work time; 
  • barcoding – to read the information about each particular item;
  • reporting – to see the clear picture of how business is running and to define future tendency;
  • automatically updating – to receive the last-minute information;
  • real-time data access – to make the right and quick decisions;
delivery managing
  • inventory levels controlling – to control the levels of available inventory with the purpose to prevent the out-of-stock and overstock situations;
  • delivery history – to have information about performed work with the purpose to forecast future demands;
  • mobility – to equip the mobile employees with software features needed for fulfilling their job on the route, at the customer location, or in the warehouse;
  • training – to teach customers during the installation and tuning period how to use Prism’s delivery managing software system and to consult and support them after the implementation phase;
  • customization – to meet specific company’s needs; 
  • integration – to integrate the delivery management software with other applications, including accounting software, with the purpose to build a powerful system with a single database.