Prism’s Customer Relationship Management Software Integrated with Sage CRM

Prism's route accounting system integrates with Sage CRM.

If you don’t know your customers inside out, you don't know your perspectives.

Analysis of your customers’ data can lead your company to significant financial rewards. Customer relationship management (CRM) software consolidates all relevant documents and information about your customers received across different points of contact such as direct mail, phone calls, website, live chat, social media, buying preferences, purchase history, and others into a single CRM database.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers a CRM software solution that is specially designed for companies performing pre-order, route sales, equipment service, and delivery. Our company is specialized in developing computer programs that help such organizations to improve their business activities, increase the number of customers and their satisfaction and accelerated sales. Using our CRM software, your marketing staff can identify the sources of business opportunities and closed sales. Information about customers’ purchases allows finding potential clients for incoming campaigns and sending them personal invitations.

One of the main advantages of our CRM solution as any other our software application is its easy integration with the most used accounting systems, including Sage accounting and Sage CRM system.

Using Prism’s and Sage CRM software together gives route sales, pre-order, equipment service and delivery companies a lot of benefits such as:
  • consolidating customers data into a single database,
  • having access to customers data anytime from anywhere,
  • managing every interaction with current clients and potential customers,
  • organizing and automating communications across all departments,
  • improving marketing campaigns and customer relationships,
  • alerting the relevant customers about new products and pre-sales,
  • managing marketing campaign across multiple channels,
  • enabling marketing, route sales, and customer service teams to work together,
  • resolving customer issues faster,
  • automating and computerizing the most of the sales activities,
  • saving labor time and increasing staff productivity,
  • accelerating and enabling more pre-order and route sales,
  • improving the delivery and equipment services,
  • increasing marketing, pre-order and route sales and customer service teams productivity,
  • increasing customers’ loyalty, satisfaction, and retention,
  • making more informed business decisions,
  • increasing revenue and business growth.
Prism 's Customer Relationship Management Software Integrated with Sage Accounting

Moreover, any our software, including customer relationship management solution, can be customized to the individual business needs.