Prism VS’s CRM System for Managing Your Business-Customer Relationship

The customer relationship management - CRM system helps to provide the customer support.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. specializes in designing and building software products for organizations fulfilling pre-order, delivery, route sales, and equipment service. For almost thirty years, our professional team has created a range of solutions that help such companies to perform their activities in an effective way and, as a result, to grow their businesses.

Among of other desktop and mobile applications, we have developed the customer relationship management (CRM) software system in the purpose to help our clients to streamline processes of the route sales and products and services deliveries, to meet customer expectations, and to increase their revenue.

Our CRM system is designed to help managing customer data, personalizing customer interactions, having access to the real-time business information, automating the sales process, marketing, and customer support, managing employees, and relationships with vendors and partners.

The main benefits of using our CRM system are:

  • collecting, storing and analyzing your customers' contacts information
  • access to the complete, up-to-date information, including purchases history
  • improving business relationships with existing customers and client retention rate
  • streamlining business processes
  • providing highly targeted marketing solutions
  • increasing sales and business effectiveness
  • reducing business wastage and saving the company's money
  • reducing cost structures and business operating costs
  • providing customer’s account support
  • staying in regular touch with customers
  • increasing customer satisfaction
  • creating high-quality reports
  • sharing information instantly
  • easy to use without any special technical knowledge and skills
  • access to the system for the multiple users at the same time
  • simple managing the users access permissions
  • customization to the business needs, including programming additional functionalities and features
  • integration with the company’s accounting software
CRM software system

Summarizing all above, we should add that the better relationships with your customers, the easier it is to manage your business and to generate revenue.