Contact Center - Handle More Customers with the Right Software

Prism VS computerized contact center software

Prism VS's contact center software helps companies:

  • operate call centers more efficiently; 
  • optimize the dispatchers’ activity;
  • enhance customer satisfaction with an online experience; 
  • increase the quality of each customer interaction; 
  • make connections with customers easily; 
  • resolve customers' complex issues faster;
  • ensure the improvement of customer service;
  • deliver personalized customer support faster; 
  • integrate the call center and CRM software in a single system.

Advantages of using Prism VS call center software:

  • enables managing a large number of inbound and outbound phone calls;
  • enables operators to quickly create incoming cases; 
  • allows responding and exchanging information quickly; 
  • automatical routing to the appropriate operator; 
  • allows operators to access, collect and exchange information in real-time; 
  • increasing operators’ efficiency and productivity; 
  • reducing customer wait times; 
  • collects all data about inbound and outbound calls; 
  • provides managers with information needed to make strategic decisions; 
  • efficient managing sales, support calls, transactions, customer complaints, information queries, and others; 
  • allows delivering a more personalized and rewarding experience to customers;
  • call center recording and enhanced reporting enable highly qualified analysis; 
  • integrating with customer relationship management, inventory management, and other software solutions; 
  • easily customization to industry and company’s needs; 
  • enables development of the long-term strategy.

The Prism VS's contact center helps companies to create profitable customer experiences through powerful solutions:

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