Prism VS’s Computer Aided Dispatch Software System

Computer Aided Dispatching System

Are you searching for the leading provider of the dispatch software?

Prism Visual Software, Inc. is what you are looking for. For more than twenty years, the name of our company has been representing quality and reliability. Business computerized solutions developed by our professional team are recognized and widely used by small, mid-sized and big companies from more than thirty industries.

Today, we can offer our current clients and potential customers a range of desktop and mobile software solutions that can benefit any organization performing field service, route sales, direct store distribution (DSD), delivery pre-ordered goods and other operations. All our computer programs can be grouped into five main packages.

5 Major Prism VS’s business software packages:

#1. ServQuest™ – a powerful, complex desktop software package enabling the efficient route management and route accounting.

#2. Prism Dispatch™ – a comprehensive computer-aided dispatch software package enabling visual dispatching and route map optimization.

#3. MiniMate™ – a mobile application designed for tablets, smartphones, and other mobile handheld devices running on Android and Windows Mobile operating systems.

#4. Order Connector – a unique ERP software that enables synchronizing and integrating Prism's desktop and mobile software solutions with the most used accounting software systems such as SAP, Sage, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, AccountMate, and others.

#5. Web Store – easily attached to the company's website online store.

Prism Dispatch™ computer aided dispatch software is developed with the purpose to help companies:

  • to strengthen communications between their dispatchers and mobile employees that work in the field; 
  • to improve control over business operations fulfilled in the field; 
  • to make the right real-time decisions; 
  • to deliver customer services faster and more efficiently; 
  • to effectively use the work time and increase productivity.

The MiniMate™ mobile application allows:

  • to inform mobile workers about the last-minute orders and changes in their schedules; 
  • to track the field employees location, work time, and work orders’ status;
  • to connect with the personnel worked in the field anytime wherever they are without phone calls.
Prism’s business software packages