Prism VS’s Computer-Aided Dispatch Software (Advantages of Using)

Prism’s Computer Aided Dispatch Software System

If you want to:

  • supply your customers with better services; 
  • make better business decisions; 
  • increases the efficiency of your dispatchers and field service personnel (equipment technicians, delivery drivers, route sales representatives, and others); 
  • organize and plan each workday of your company in an effective way; 
  • effectively manage your customers’ emergency calls; 
  • automate and optimize your scheduling and dispatching processes.

Prism VS’s highly reliable and scalable computer-aided dispatch software solution is the right for you.

Advantages which Prism VS’s computer-aided dispatch software system gives its users:

  • an easy-to-use software solution that does not require special software skills;
  • provides dispatchers with the tools and information necessary for quickly making critical decisions; 
  • easily and fully integrates with other Prism VS's software products and the commonly used accounting software systems such as SAP, Sage, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, AccountMate, and other via Order Connector – a specially designed ERP software;
  • helps to streamline the dispatch activity; 
  • leverages with the latest GPS mapping for fast and accurate delivery services, including emergency response; 
  • reinforces communications between dispatchers and field employees that work at the customer locations; 
  • provides the multiple functionalities needed for efficient dispatching activity;
  • automatic tracking the vehicle location shows the closest available automobiles;
  • saves dispatchers’ work time via minimizing keystrokes with configurable function keys and eliminating the phone calls;
  • enables rapidly collecting critical information (about customers, mobile workers, equipment, inventory, and other) across different channels; 
  • provides automated scheduling;
 computer-aided dispatch software
  • allows increasing the safety of drivers' and other field personnel via immediately sending and receiving information about dangerous situations;
  • the call center provides the ability to quickly and easily select the different customer calls; 
  • advanced and customized reporting; 
  • access to the real-time information that automatically updates; 
  • easily customization with the purpose to meet the specific industry needs and company’s necessities; 
  • the ability to trend, report, analyze and forecast allows a company to stay on top of trends and plan future activity while quickly and easily performing the current complex business processes.