Prism Visual Software’s CMMS System (9 Main Benefits)

Benefits of using Prism’s CMMS system

Equipment maintenance management must take into consideration human resources, equipment types, and different resources, including supplies. Physical assets are the greatest capital investment. Therefore, it makes financial sense to maintain these valuable resources, and to ensure that they are:

  • selected appropriately, 
  • used correctly to provide the maximum return, 
  • supported to be used as long as possible.

Such effective maintenance management of assets and equipment will contribute to increased company's efficiency and, as a result, in improved business outcomes. Such a result is known to be the goal of the managing of the maintenance.

As known, the maintenance management is not just the job of maintenance managers. It requires the involvement of staff from technical, financial, administrative, and other departments and is the responsibility of all members of the company's staff who deal with assets and equipment.

CMMS system developed by Prism Visual Software, Inc. helps to simplify the maintenance process. It does not require users to have broad skills in areas such as finances, purchasing procedures, stores supply and control, facilities, technical problems, support services, staff development, and others who are involved in maintenance management of the company's assets and equipment.

9 Main benefits of using Prism Visual Software’s CMMS system:

1) helps to plan and organize the work process in the way, so equipment and assets are properly utilized, safeguarded and maintained;

2) allows the company's staff to make maximum use of assets and equipment by following the well-defined procedures and good practice;

3) allows planning and organizing the unimpeded equipment maintenance via the software technologies’ functionality;

4) defines suitable and effective procedures for all activities which impact on the equipment operation;

5) organizes a network between teams of different departments throughout the organization;

6) defines parts and other resource materials needed for daily activities involved in equipment and assets maintenance;

7) provides comprehensive and reliable information timely about: 

  • the functional status of the company’s assets and equipment; 
  • the required operational skills and practice of equipment-user employees and staff responsible for equipment-related activities; 
  • the performed work of maintenance services; 

8) enables controlling the financial investment in assets, equipment, parts and their maintenance;

9) enables managing all processes from planning and budgeting to the acquisition, daily operation, safety, and maintenance.

Do equipment inspection and preventive maintenance regularly to eliminate the downtime of your maintenance department. The computerized maintenance management system helps to manage and control your maintenance operations.