Prism’s CMMS Software System Cover All Processes of the Maintenance Management (12 Activities)

The computerized maintenance management system – CMMS system

Do you want to optimize the use of valuable resources to maintain equipment and facilities?

Do you want to automate the management process of maintenance?

Do you want to receive the most out of your investments in maintenance and repair?

You are in the right place.

Prism’s computerized maintenance management system – CMMS system can help to reach each of those goals and even more.

If you cannot believe that our CMMS system is such powerful, the best way to make sure of that is to contact us and start to use our CMMS software solution.

Prism Visual Software’s CMMS system includes:

  • The ServQuest™ desktop package that enables solving different tasks, including inventory management, scheduling the periodic maintenance, generating work orders and more.
  • The MiniMate™ mobile application that allows equipment technicians to fulfill the maintenance work orders anytime and anywhere at the equipment and asset locations.

Maintenance management involves a wide range of organizing and coordinating activities that ensure the successful management of different types of equipment and assets.

12 main activities of the maintenance management covered by Prism’s CMMS system:

  1. collecting the reliable information about equipment and assets;
  2. managing the available spare parts inventory; 
  3. determining the needed equipment and parts; 
  4. allocating the sufficient funds for acquiring the needed equipment and parts; 
  5. purchasing the suitable parts and equipment types and models; 
  6. mounting and installing the purchased equipment for the effective use; 
  7. supplying the sufficient resources for efficient equipment and assets using; 
  8. operating the equipment, machines, and assets safely and effectively; 
  9. maintaining and repairing the equipment, machines, and assets; 
  10. providing the staff with the right skills needed for the best use out of the equipment; 
  11. decommissioning and disposing of the unsafe and obsolete items and parts; 
  12. reporting of any change in the equipment and assets status.

In other words, offered by us computerized maintenance management program allows:

  • to prevent assets and any types of equipment (mechanical, powered, vehicles, and other) from the breaking down via scheduled systematic inspection, monitoring, and expertise; 
  • to undertake all activities needed to repair the destructed equipment and asset and return them to the working condition; 
  • to organize and control all processes of the efficient maintenance management.
As it is well known, the maintenance management process includes overseeing resources with the purpose a company does not experience dead-time because of fractured equipment or other reasons. Offered by us the maintenance management software system assists with this process via enabling:
  • Efficient scheduling: through understanding how the particular company works and knowing the respective priority of every piece of equipment. 
  • Cost control: the budget set by the company, however, allows making the final decision and choose between the more expensive and reliable but less affordable part and less-expensive that may wear out more quickly. 
  • Regulatory compliance: ensuring all maintenance tasks conducting in compliance with the local, state and federal laws and regulations.