Prism VS’s Barcode Scanning Software (Competitive Advantages)

barcode scanning software

Competitive advantages of Prism VS's barcode scanning software:

  • high-speed barcode reading; 
  • ergonomic and innovative design; 
  • integrated with Windows Mobile and Android operating systems; 
  • eliminating the need for additional scanning hardware; 
  • ability to use a hardware configuration which the best suits the company's needs without sacrificing barcode scanning performance; 
  • reading barcodes on shiny and curved surfaces; 
  • rapid and accurate decoding barcode symbology; 
  • porting decoded information to various devices: desktops, laptops, tablets, and others;
  • securely transmit encrypted data; 
  • delivering zero-miss decoding results; 
  • integrating with Bluetooth® technology; 
  • the versatile and seamless interface between a barcode reader and computer that does not require any modified or additional software; 
  • transforming any business activity in any industry with zero-loss information; 
  • having the correct real-time information for problem-solving; 
  • propelling the workflow success.

Capturing data from barcodes is an expressive solution for any company as it helps to get answers on enterprise-wide questions and solve slowdowns of business processes. Developed by our professional team barcode scanning software enables smartphones, tablets and other lightweight mobile devices with embedded cameras to scan barcodes which some purpose-built barcode readers cannot scan.

Prism VS's software solution makes much easier such labor-consuming inventory and assets processes as:

Barcode Scanning Software

  • shipping and receiving, 
  • tracking and tracing,  
  • managing and controlling.

Industries our barcode scanning software can benefit:

  • Manufacturing – to track assets, equipment, materials, parts, and completed products. 
  • Retail – to track received and shipped goods and products in the store. 
  • Healthcare – to improve doctors’ work efficiency and avoid medical mistakes. 
  • Field service – to track inventory and find out products that are out of stock. 
  • Delivery – to track the delivery process and take proof of delivery. 
  • Distribution – to track products in warehouses.
Barcode scanning software

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