Prism VS’s Barcode Inventory Software System

MiniMate™ mobile application is the software of the Prism's barcode inventory system.

Innovations in the barcode industry revolutionize the inventory control system and continue to bring numerous benefits to a wide range of businesses.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers its clients the barcode inventory software system that without significant expenses helps field service companies to improve the accuracy, speed, and efficiency of their business activities.

The MiniMate™ mobile application developed by our software team for smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices allows consumers to get all advantages of using the barcode inventory system.

Offered by us the mobile barcode scanning software solution allows users to turn their smartphones and tablets into a barcode scanning device.

Key benefits of using the MiniMate™ mobile application - a part of Prism VS's barcode inventory software system:

  • easy in use, doesn’t require from users the specific knowledge;
  • enables quickly scanning, verifying, and tracking items; 
  • fast entering and collecting data from barcodes; 
  • significantly speed the process of registering items; 
  • reducing the possibility of data errors; 
  • ability to exported the list of items in different formats to be used; 
  • ability to service customers anywhere with or without the data connection; 
  • significantly cheapen the inventory control process.

Accuracy, speed, and cost are only three of the distinctive features of our software barcode inventory system.

barcode inventory software

It is affordable even for small businesses and individual professionals. Our barcode inventory software system is an integral part of the ServQuest™ inventory control software solution developed for companies performing route sales, pre-order, delivery, and equipment service.

ServQuest™ desktop inventory management and control software and MiniMate™ mobile barcode application:

 inventory management and control
  • enable managing inventory in multiple locations; 
  • make easier, faster, and more accurate entering the data; 
  • provide exact tracking items on each step from perching to delivery to the customer; 
  • help to make a better business decision; 
  • enable increasing customer satisfaction;
  • allow to improve business effectiveness; 
  • are easily customized to the specific business needs; 
  • integrate with the most popular accounting and point-of-sale (POS) systems.