Prepared Meal Distribution

prepared meal distribution


  • Scheduling and Interactive Dashboards
  • Visual Dispatching and Route Management
  • Purchase Orders and Inventory Balances
  • Multi-Location Inventory Management
  • Inventory Control and Lot Traceability
  • Barcode Scanning and Signature Capture
  • Web Store and Android Mobile App
  • Credit Card Processing and Mobile Payment
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • ACH Secure Payments and Pricing
  • Integration with Accounting Software
  • Data History and Real-Time Reporting
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Software Overview

Scheduling and dispatching features Scheduling

    Generate, schedule, and maintains sales orders. Be always informed about the customer purchase orders, recalls, reschedules and cancellations, the status of created work orders, the location of every driver and vehicle to create an effective schedule. Take into assistance that demand in food is constant, the meal expiration date is short, the delivery interval is precisely determined, the shortage is not admitted, and quality must be maintained. Balance customer orders with real-time inventory data to deliver on customer demands.

route management software Route Management

    Regardless you distribute own meal products direct to clients or resell the prepared packaged meal, deliver your customers high-quality, great-tasting food products timely. Use powerful route accounting tools to meet customer demands, standard requirements, and your benefit. Optimized routes, efficient dispatching, and real-time vehicle location tracking enable your delivery drivers and distributors to reach delivery destinations as quickly as possible, deliver customer orders at the right time, improve productivity.

CRM Management Feature CRM and Pricing

    Have critical customer information at your fingertips; maintain unlimited contact names. Establish relationships between employees' contacts within a company. Synchronize, import, and export contact information. Assign communication activities to contacts and automate customer data activities tracking. Create user-defined fields for activities and control access to information based on the user. Provide customized pricing based on products, a sales channel, and characteristics of the buyer.

prepared meal Inventory Management

    Еаsy maintain corresponding product levels in stock and temperature conditions in warehouses, reduce waste, control meal quality, evaluate inventory flow, and facilitate of replenishment. Track shelf-life and expiration dates to control the freshness. Ensure freshness to facilitate lower costs. Make accurate purchasing decisions and streamline the planning process. Tag packaged food with barcodes and easily track and handle lot-numbered products. Meet regulatory requirements and ensure product quality through compliance with strict food standards.

Mobile app Mobility

    Provide your field workforce with the MiniMate mobile app that helps to streamline their daily activities, improve service delivery times, and increase customer satisfaction. Give your mobile team access to the needed information, tailored to fit the role of every employee. Creating orders and invoices, reading barcodes, tracking lots, monitoring vehicle locations and employees' work time, collecting payments and signatures, emailing and printing orders and invoices, and creating reports can be now quick and easy performed from anywhere. Save time spent on routine paperwork and serve more customers.

Web Solution Web Customer

    Magnify your digital presence with a branded website for your food sales or prepared meal distribution. Add Web Customer to your company's website and have full control of your online sales. Mobile-friendly web store allows customers to create secure accounts, find products with a detailed description, make orders, view shipping and payment options, print invoices, and have access to the order history. Meet the changing demands of your customers in health and taste preferences while obeying with rigorous meal safety standards and maintaining income margins.

order management Order Management

    Manage purchases from approved suppliers with real-time tracking, automatic vendors updating, inventory balances, reporting capabilities, and preventive controls. Submit orders, check orders' statuses, manage vendors, and use automatic reconciliation for deliveries. Know the true costs of the meal you are selling and improve profitability with the automating work processes and reducing labor costs. Order processing is now on your full control.

customized reporting feature Reporting

    Get reporting of your business activity. Use unlimited reporting potential to collect and handle records and documents. Create, query, search, and filter records. Gain easy access to real-time and historical data and manipulate and visualize the information. With extensive reporting, control and analyze inventory, purchases, sales, payments, costs, revenue, and other main business aspects. Export data in popular file formats and print reports by one click.

Single ERP System Integration

    Take full control of your business and save work time with the automation of business processes. Use all benefits of direct integration between Prism VS’s solutions and your accounting software that helps to build a unique system tailored to your business-specific needs. Go away from data that has been locked in different systems throughout your business; create a single database for your entire company. Build own rules to manage your business processes.

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