Prism Visual Software has a multi-pronged solution for companies with a business model of pre-selling and delivering orders. 

The pre-sale can occur in ways:

  • For companies with a separate sales force, MiniMate™ is used for orders taking one or two days in advance. MiniMate™ organizes each sales person’s day by presenting the customers to be visited in stop sequence order. MiniMate™ also has the standard customer order and pricing.
  • When pre-order companies do not have sales staff walking the route, they utilize Prism Visual Software’s Outbound Call Center. It presents callers with the lists of customers to be called for the next 1-2 day deliveries. The desktop callers are presented with standard orders and accurate pricing. The automatized information speeds up the desktop order-taking process.

  • Prism Visual Software also offers “Web Sales” which is a customizable website toolkit. It is attached to the company’s website as a portal for existing customers electronically entering and submitting their orders. The website tool-kit can be combined with an email blaster. The blast email reminds customers to place their orders for the next 1-2 day deliveries.

For more information about Prism Visual Software’s pre-order solutions, contact with our sales staff today at 516-944-5920 or send e-mail.