Powerful Route Optimization Software for the Best Delivery Service

Powerful Route Optimization Software Solution for the Best Field Service

Prism Visual Software’s route optimization software can quickly calculate the most effective routes for your drivers and technicians by minimizing the traveled miles. The best routes for delivery pre-ordered products and services is depended by taking into account various factors, including location of the point of delivery, time at which buyers prefer to receive pre-ordered services or products, availability required items, a number of vehicles available in the garage and how many is needed to make deliveries, which drivers can provide delivery and how many drivers is needed in every particular day. By analyzing all these and additional other components, our route optimization computerized system calculates and gives the most effective routes with the least amount of miles. In other words, our system gives a detailed plan for the movement on the route with indicating the sequence of stops at the points of delivery with the purpose of the best using business assets.

Each business owner should remember that creating optimized routes should not only to meet the business needs in saving miles and reducing travel time, but should also be directed on the improving of the customer service quality and increasing workers efficiency. Even plans in action can be continually optimized with the feedback loops from the mobile operators - drivers, technicians, sales representatives - that are on the route. Each of their additions and changes adds up to a better tomorrow.

For creating the most profitable deliveries with the using our route optimization software, you should:

  • Define areas – specific, geo-fenced territories for each driver or technician. If your business can cover a huge area with a lot of customers and mobile workers, first of all, you should create carefully balanced areas with taking into consideration the volume of your sales, points of delivery, your vehicles and drivers availability.
  • Create the most optimized routes for each area taking into account everything importuned for your business by using Prism Dispatch™ – our route optimization solution.
  • Accommodate the last-minute changes to the routes such as vehicle breakdowns, driver absences, new or changed jobs and help every your employee to meet their targets for a better workday.
  • Manage your schedule by using ServQuest™ – our electronic route book that takes all details, including the preferred time of the delivery, specific vehicle or driver requirements, and other and compares them with the employee's availability and existing jobs.
  • Monitor the daily activities of your drivers and technicians by providing them with MiniMate™ – our mobile application for wireless handheld devices.

Thus, our route optimization software allows you easily meet your business requirements of the load balancing, reducing miles, minimizing drivers’ overtime and fuel costs, as well as increase the customer contentment by more on-time deliveries and fulfilling challenging sales.

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