Powerful Route Manager Software System

Route Manager Software System

Do you want to reduce the manual in-office route management work to a minimum?

With the Prism VS route management software system, this can be real.

We blend the proven route management technology with experience of professional dispatchers and delivery drivers to bring our clients the most user-friendly, flexible, and comprehensive route manager software system in the industry.

Prism VS's route manager software system includes:

  • ServQuest™ desktop software package; 
  • MiniMate™ mobile application for the Android operating system; 
  • Order Connector ERP system that synchronizes the ServQuest™ package with the MiniMate™ mobile application and third-party software.

ServQuest™ route manager software provides:

  • inbound call center allows customers to contact the company; 
  • monitoring the work order status; 
  • outbound call center allows operators to contact customers on behalf of the company for updating changes in scheduled delivery; 
  • scheduling inbound deliveries and outbound pickup appointments; 
  • visual dispatch boards for managing schedules and view and update work order statuses; 
  • dispatching delivery drivers from the loading place to the final destination; 
  • route optimization for creating the best routes with multiple stops at customer locations for every delivery driver based on distance and time; 
  • mapping suite powered by the Bing Maps; 
  • data visualization on the map for a better view and understanding; 
  • powerful statistics and reports for analyzing current business activity and forecasting future perspectives; 
  • integration with accounting and other third-party software systems.

MiniMate™ mobile application provides:

  • standalone database on the handheld mobile devices; 
  • updating the last-minute orders and changes in the schedule; 
  • tracking delivery driver locations and work hours; 
  • access to the real-time data; 
  • collecting customer payments and signatures as proof of fulfilled work; 
  • emailing invoices with equipment terms and conditions; 
  • printing invoices to mobile printers; 
  • synchronizing with Google Maps and Bing Maps, and more.
MiniMate™ mobile application for the Android operating system