Strengthen Your Business with Prism Visual Software's POS System

The point of sale - POS system can help to run and grow your business.

Any company performing sales needs to use the POS system to simplify its key day-to-day business operations. Anyone who does not use such a system can ask, “What is the point of sale system?” or “How can the POS system help my sales business?”

What is the point of sale system?

The POS system is the abbreviation for the point-of-sale system that includes hardware and software components enabling sellers to take transactions and simplifying their day-to-day business operations.

How can the POS system help your sales business?

There are many offers of point of sale systems from different software providers you can find today on the market. How each of them can help your sales business depends on the hardware and software features and tools they provide.

Main requirements which the modern POS system must meet:

  • high operating speed, 
  • reliability and ease of use, 
  • simple customization and remote supportability, 
  • rich functionality and low cost.

The decisive hardware of the POS system:

  • register screen (monitors, tablets, and smartphones) displays the product database; 
  • barcode scanner enables the automating the checkout process; 
  • cash drawer enables collecting the payments via cash and stores cash for transactions; 
  • the credit card reader enables collecting the payments via credit cards; 
  • receipt printer allows providing customers with a fast snapshot of their purchase.
POS hardware

POS software

The software of the modern POS system:

  • inventory management; 
  • accounts monitoring;
  • employees tracking; 
  • auto-synchronization; 
  • mobile payment support; 
  • automatic backup; 
  • automatic point of sale system updating; 
  • secure remote server support;
  • history data.

So, the point of sale system via its hardware and software components helps companies performing sales to organize and automate their day-to-day business operations.