POS Software Solution for Route Sales

Use POS software system to improve your route sales.

The software is one of two POS system’s components. Depending on the industry business specified, needs of the company in the POS system's features differ. Retailers, restaurants, wholesalers, distributors and other salespeople have different requirements to the POS solution and its software components.

Our company is well known about that as is on the market for more twenty years. The success of our software products depends on the complex approach to designing and developing each computer program. We specialize in the designing and developing software solutions for companies performing route sales and know well their problems and needs. Before creating any computer program, our professionals study in detail what our clients are waiting to receive the result, which their requirements the current product must meet. We take into consideration each detail: from the speed and reliability of the computer program to the size and placement of each button.

Today, we offer our current and potential clients POS software solution developed by our software team contacting closely with accountants and other professionals in the sales industry.

Prism’s POS software solution includes:

  • ServQuest™ desktop software package. 
  • MiniMate™ mobile application for smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices.

Provided by our company POS software solution is helpful for:

  • Sales managers as allows them to perform effective management and control of all sales. 
    • It is easy to add, remove and edit products and their descriptions; 
    • Our POS software enables control of the inventory levels in multiple locations and transferring inventory between different warehouse locations; 
    • Offered by us point of sale software provides automatic reordering the needed items to have the right level of goods; 
    • Sales managers have the ability to track the fulfillment of customers orders. 
    • Our solution gives sales managers a full view of the purchase and customer order history.
  • Route sales representatives as allows them to simplify their day-to-day sales activities. 
    • Our POS software provides automatically uploading the last-minute orders and request. 
    • Salespeople have the latest information on pricing, clients contacts and sales history, current equipment and equipment history, account balances and invoices.
    • Database on the handheld devices allows route sales representatives to perform sales without an Internet connection. 
    • Offered by us point of sale software allows to collect customer signatures and payments in different ways: cash, check or credit card.
  • Customers as allows them to shop the way they want. 
    • Customers can use different variants to provide their payments. 
    • Buyers can easy to return orders goods and receive refunds. 
    • Customers have the ability to order online and to receive receipts by e-mail. 

Provided by us POS software includes everything route sales companies need to provide their business activities. Learn more about developed by us the point of sale software, and you will see how it can help to grow your route sales business.