Pool Service Software for Your Business

Prism VS’s pool service software

Are you looking for the pool service software system that can assist in managing, tracking, reporting, and keep records for your personal and commercial customers?

Prism Visual Software, Inc. can offer you a solution that will easily cope with the above tasks and even more. Do you want to know more about software developed offered by our professional team? Do not spend time, contact our consultants today. We present here a short list of operations our pool service management software allows to perform most effectively.

With Prism’s pool service software, you will be able:

  • to accept customer service requests via phone calls, e-mails, and web orders;
  • to take customer service requests during non-business hours;
  • to track the maintenance agreements and warranties;

  • to have the automatically calculated promotions and discounts based on the contract, period and purchases; 
  • to effectively schedule the equipment delivery and service times; 
  • to have the automatically updated schedules with the last-minute orders; 
  • to create optimized routes with multiple stops at customer locations; 
  • to use driving instructions to customer locations with Google Maps; 
  • to dispatch each your vehicle and service technician; 
  • to equip your pool service technicians with all necessary information and instructions; 
  • to prevent servicing "stop service" clients and “non-paying” customer orders; 
  • to monitor customer and work orders’ status; 
  • to provide efficient management of your inventory
  • to control inventory levels needed for uninterrupted operation of the company;
  • to manage the single and multiple warehouses’ processes; 
  • to keep tracking of your equipment checks, maintenance, and repairs; 
  • to simplify equipment tracking by using the barcode scanning; 
  • to receive reports about equipment issues and requested services; 
  • to provide your pool service technicians with the standalone database on the mobile handheld devices; 
  • to service your customers anywhere with or without the Internet connection; 
  • to collect customer signatures at their locations as a proof of provided services; 
  • to receive payments at customer locations via cash, check or credit cards; 
  • to document services fulfilled by your employees while each visit your clients; 
  • to track your pool service technicians’ location and work time; 
  • to have access to the real-time business information anytime from anywhere; 
  • to have powerful customized reports enabling efficient analysis and forecasting; 
  • to analyze the profitability of each your employee as well as the entire company; 
  • to have a full, real-time view of how your pool service business is running, and more.