Pool Cleaning

pool cleaning software


  • Drag and Drop Scheduling
  • Sync Schedule with Work Orders
  • Visual Dispatching and Calendar Integration
  • Route Optimization and GPS Tracking
  • Service Items Management
  • Web Order Integrating and ACH Payments
  • Service Request Notifications
  • Customer Specific Pricing
  • MiniMateTM Mobile Android Application
  • Mobile Invoicing and Payments Collection
  • Integrated Payment Processing
  • Data History and Advanced Reporting
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Software Overview

Scheduling and dispatching features Scheduling

    Perform more services in less time with efficient scheduling. Use a drag-and-drop interface to quickly make changes to your daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. Immediately notify field workers about schedule changes. Simplify reassignments for covering cancellations, illness days, and jobs running longer than expected. Define priority, recurring, and non-priority jobs. Monitor created schedules and easily fill gaps in them, schedule future pool cleaning appointments, including recurring monthly or annual services.

dispatching  feature Dispatching

    Increase the profitability of pool cleaning technicians with effective dispatching. Handle priority tasks and ongoing jobs, guide your field staff with full instructions, and ensure that your customers' expectations are met. Assign workers daily routes and tasks in the automatic or manual regime; provide them with turn-by-turn directions. Continually dispatch employees in the field; send immediately to pool cleaners updates on customer requests and scheduling. Take control of the whole process: from scheduling to service fulfilling.

route management software Route Optimization

    Minimize pool cleaning teams' travel distance and downtime. Less mileage and more services for the same time are now real with the route optimization feature. Set loading and shipment addresses, distance to customer location and customer preferences of delivery time, the needed stops on the itinerary, and get automatically calculated optimized route and expected time of delivery. Reduce costs in two areas that greatest impact on the bottom line on service business – fuel costs and technician time.

tracking feature Tracking

    Provide your field employees with MiniMateTM Android app installed on their phones or tablets and use office computers to see pool cleaning technicians on a map and monitor their location and work hours in real-time. Automatically track customer information and requests, work orders’ status, service history, technicians' travel time and hours by the job, regular service hours, and overtime. Convert work time into billable hours and eliminate accounting hours’ errors.

call center feature Call Center

    Use a centralized office call center to receive incoming customer calls and transmitting their inquiries, administer service orders and support, provide emergency notifications and schedule changes, operate telemarketing. The call center integrated with CRM enables managing any customer interaction by using a single interface. Use real-time customer feedback to understand how to improve their experience, strengthen technicians' skills, and become more effective in the pool service industry.

Mobile app Mobility

    The mobile workforce means more accomplished jobs for less time. Equipped with MiniMateTM, pool cleaners will be able to have access to customer information and their job schedules, to use Bing Maps and advanced navigation of optimized routes, to upload photos and customer questions, to create, send and print invoices, to collect credit card payments, to capture clients’ signatures as proof of performed services, to fulfill back-office entry, and more directly from the job sites.

online service requiests  Web Service

    Allow customers to request the pool cleaning service online 24-7. Add Web Customer to your website and collect information on service requests, attach work orders for technicians, send branded electronic mails and invoices, collect ACH payments, and gather customer satisfaction.

customized reporting feature Advanced Reporting

    Keep customer records and service history organized. Have continually updated records with seamlessly synchronized data from mobile devices to your database. Use data history of previously performed work to estimate future requests on pool cleaning service, including seasonal needs.

Single ERP System Integration

    Streamline field operations and have everything running smoothly with an all-in-one solution. Avoid errors, double-entry, and lost finance data by integrating your accounting software with Prism VS's pool cleaning service software system.

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