Point of Sales Software and Hardware (2 Components of the POS System)

The Point of Sales Software System. Two components:

A point of sales system includes two components:

  • Hardware: touch-screen display, barcode scanners, credit card readers, electronic cash drawers, receipt and invoice printers. 
  • Software: on-premise (traditional software installed on the computer system or servers) or cloud-based (access to the system and its support is realized) via the Internet.

An innovative POS software and hardware systems:

  • allow receiving payments; 
  • automate the transaction process; 
  • coordinate data collected from daily purchases;
  • automatically update the accounts receivable records; 
  • enable tracking sales and pricing; • improve pricing accuracy; 
  • give a clear, real-time view of inventory; 
  • automatically update inventory information; 
  • help to analyze sales data: 
    • to figure out how well items are selling, 
    • to forecast trends of the seasonal purchasing and future demands, 
    • to adjust purchasing levels; 
  • enable tracking the business's cash flow; 
  • allow providing strict control over cash receipts;
  • provide audit trails; 
  • enable maintaining a sales history; 
  • allow managing customers and employees data; 
  • streamline retail operations; 
  • provide advanced security; 
  • enables the better control of the business activity; 
  • integrate with other software solutions: accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), human resources (HR), inventory management, route management, and others.

Thus, the POS system that includes software and hardware components automatically collects and stores important data about sales, customers, employees, vendors, and inventory, and use that data for creating powerful reports for sales analysis, forecasting, taxes, and other needs.

 POS system

Prism Visual Software, Inc. develops software that easily integrates with other computerized solutions, including accounting and point of sales software. We have designed the special ERP system – Order Connector – that simply synchronizes the accounting, point of sales software to Prism’s desktop and mobile products such as ServQuest™, Prism Dispatch™, MiniMate™ and others developed for organizations performing route sales, deliveries, equipment, and other field services.